addiBatt™ – TETRA-C

Trade Name

addiBatt™ -tetra C

Chemical Name

Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate
Multiaxial Crystal Clusters

CAS Registry No.



Fine, dry off white – light tan powder.


Battery paste “multiaxial seed” additive
Promotes a high tetrabasic conversion
Promotes omni-directional interlocking

General Recommendation

1 to 2 percent by weight


Decrease curing times dramatically
Improve battery plate uniformity
Extend battery cycle life
Reduce battery manufacturing costs
Interlocking improves strength of PAM

Typical Properties

Sulfate Phase, % tetrabasic >98.0
Sulfate Phase, % tribasic < 2.0
% Moisture 0.5% Max.
Median Particle Size, µ D50 2.8 to 5.0

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